how we describe a “kantor”

Office which in Indonesia mean a place to work, place originally referring to the location of one’s duty" is a unique place. Kantor which is taken from Dutch "kantoor" is the place whereabout an trading or company run everyday, place originally referring to the location of one’s duty. In English itself, office stems from the Latinofficium, as its equivalents in various mainly romance languages. Interestingly, this was not necessarily a place, but rather an often mobile ‘bureau’ in the sense of a human staff or even the abstract notion of a formal position, such as a magistrature. The relatively elaborate Roman bureaucracy would not be equaled for centuries in the West after the fall of Rome, even partially reverting to illiteracy, while the East preserved a more sophisticated administrative culture, both under Byzantium and under Islam.

Ideally, in a the office

  1. There must be a lot of chair, and your chair showing you position in that office. Bigger for the chief, smaller for the lo**r.
  2. It should be soundproof, so that lessen pollution voice and do not bothering another office with diffrent duty;
  3. There should be a green plant for decoration or O2 factory;
  4. Provide adequate water
  5. Ash can, go cleanness and natty!
  6. Provide AC
  7. Wi-fi

An office is the place where every one can express theirself, free internet, free to call(phone), free paper, free rent-computer, free water, free toilet-tissue, and many more.

With that ‘all free’ what they can do. They do ‘anti mati gaya’ revolution. Gaming when get bored, chatting (online or not), blogging, sleeping (i’m so tired), origaming(with that free paper).

Do you know why internet traffic decrease on saturday and sunday? Because there is no office internet. ‘We spot your talent’, office is the place to develop. In the future, we will find an expert gamer who won an international game olympic from officer. And the truth, I like this kind of office.


4 Responses to “how we describe a “kantor””

  1. 1 jazzcorpio April 27, 2009 pukul 6:17 pm

    ada wifi tapi situs2 hip diblokir ney di kantorku =)

    fb,fs,multiply,lc,semua situs2 pertemanan di blok…

    teteup mati gaya dec

  2. 2 bumikitta April 27, 2009 pukul 6:36 pm

    Wah nasib anda tidak seberuntung orang2 yang bekerja di kantor sekitar saya(kantor pemerintah).
    Buru2 siapin kerjaan habis tu buka laptop masing2 deh.

  3. 3 bumikitta April 27, 2009 pukul 11:51 pm

    Buka google :
    happy birthday James Morse!

    saya jadi teringat besok (28/4) adalalah hari ulang tahun teman saya. Kalo gitu ini dari saya:
    O tanjobi omedeto gozaimasu!

  4. 4 kucing ganteng gila kawin April 28, 2009 pukul 7:08 pm

    mana bahasa indonesianya?

    jadi tak bisa dicontek..

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