Cheap is my life style

Cheap, rememberring me to the most anime school life. Poor familly? not really. I descibe it like simple life. Ofcouse there are such a extreme poor, Black Gema-Gema Gank, and many others.

cheap curry shop.jpg
“go after her. I…, I have somewhere I must go”


Cheap life is not impecunious. It is how we choose the best for us, keep money for anything else. Why we choose a resto with international brand than ussual shop with just a little diffrent delicacy, took a bus for 10 meters walking, go shopping than free seminar, go to photo studio for 1 asshole photo than make it your self.

It is a culture. We have got pampered by our economic climate. Gasoline, petroleum, gas, electricity, food stuff, and other stuff we can get it easilly. And the side effect is we cannot adapting with increase of its price. We have addicted with all easy thing.

If you are 19, you must be remember how your primary school life. Mine, I spend my time walking to school or by bicycle, have no pocket money. But we are enjoy our life. Now I see the diffrent life standard. Future?

In anime or dorama, you must ever see an active student do part-time job. Is he from poor family(which standard?)? No, they do it to get additional money. Why don’t ask it to their parent? ask it your self!!! I don’t know, maybe they do not want to trouble their parent or for experience.

    Cheap is my life style
    Safe money for the next
    Buy something that I need

    Cheap is the way I live
    See something what I need to making every effort
    Cut everything what will make loses

    Cheap, yes I am

    me, kids, and the dying old man found our stuff
    So long we live in Simple cheap life.


Just remembering you, This is posted in Trivia. I am not really seriuos, but I realy thinking of that,


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