Go-gatsu Ni-ju-ni-nichi

This week, ah samete… I thought busiest week ever. Useless work, spending money without effect, unappreciated, an many hell work. It is supposed to be holiday, but working like a horse.

Lord, ah still… . Please teach me how to live, a little more vulnerably than I do now. This dispute will probably go on about that which is most precious. I have becoming a rebel, overlooked things even gentle smiles of strangers. Why do I keep this sorrowful thing.

In God we trust, in truth I follow, ah is what i have imagined within this twilight
more than my own hands can accomplish?.. . Yakusoku nante hoshikunai, kowarete shimai sorede. Becoming strong, thankful person, and another wishlist what should I do forget it. I tried to hide this naivete. My will that this ought to be painless.

Ashiato(footprint?), ah guide… . I looked always to yesterday, to the castles in the sky when will I be able to follow them? Just looking for the raindrop, do not do anything else. It’s all the rain’s fault, no, thanks to it. The rain calls people and makes them disappear. In the instant when the pleasant sensation was changed. That will why..

Hoshizora, ah beautiful… . The moon is shining down, the wind is sleeping. In the sky above that always smiles down on this town, even now shooting stars are granting wishes. Let us have a pleasant dream. Supposed to be, should be, or wish to be, a question for tomorow.

And my time is coming, years after years. I suddenly feel the length of the days, my days on wane. Turn may pace of life to be a good guy (taken or gay? I don’t care). Facing the strom or a light breeze, the barrier wall or gravel, minami kaze or kamikaze(what?) I will survive. If it’s possible I don’t want to think the sad.

Singging alone in glittering day with a such not effect rain. The serenity that floats by like a fluffy white cloud. Me, mine, my self, only me, just my stuff, to becoming lonely and laugh, scream yet. “the dust-carrying whirlwinds are entangling the laundry but the white moon before the noon sky was so beautiful that I’m fascinated”. The footsteps left in the days I chased after are treasures more important then anything else.

Go-gatsu ni-ju-ni-nichi(22th May) and I’m on 20. Do not a special but I would like to give this thank to you, several who remember or rememberring my bitrhday. Blue bird will you bring a happiness to me. The beautiful of dusk become to turn tail since me. It will not be anyone but it would be someone.

Seems like I have became an old guy with old poem, hige(beard), and I hope wise mind


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