New Weapon Has Been Confirmed

As long for this 8 years using my old desktop computer, I have my new weapon. My old destop had given his best contribution, sometimes I push it to hard. I do not say my destop is very terrible bad. He has his own era, and I proud of him at that time.

“you have give me a numorious contribution, good service, and loyalty. 8 years of fun must be replaced by time and fact that nothing is eternal. 8 years ago desktop computer is not reliable for this time”

although my destop has been suffering from many damages in some component, I will continue to use it. Because, from that computer I learn, editing, digital imaging, programming, and many more.

new weapon

The replacement goes to Acer Aspire 4732z. why I choose it? let’s talk about my budget. my destop in crisis and I have to make a replacement in 2 days with budget about Rp 5juta. After a while, I got 2 candidate aspire 4732z and compaq 515. Lucky, I can buy acer product by a friend of my father (brench official distributor acer indonesia).

I got aspire for Rp 4700k. Why not a netbook? Because it’s a replacement for desktop computer, I want a weapon which work as well as desktop computer. Intel Pentium processor T4300 (2,1 GHz, 800 MHz FSB), RAM 2GB, Hardisk 160 GB. I think that’s very suitable for pricing I hope that is a good decision.

Welcome, I hope we can work together for a long time together.


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