Goodbye Winter

It’s been almost a year since my anime review post. doesn’t mean I didn’t watch any anime this past year, just because my brain cannot write anything. Ok. this is what I thought about my anime this winter.

1st is Nisemonogatari, sequel of Bakemonogatari. This monogatari is like filler to me, but still interisting. Only containt two chapter #1 Karen Bee, about Karen get infected by Kaiki Bee while trying to stop Kaiki. #2 Tsukihi phoenix, about Tsukihi which is a phoenix egg.

If you think Bakemonogatari is full of fanservis, so Nisemonogatari is hentai anime. This anime is fullfill and beyond everyone fetish. let me say. lolicon? tsundere? siscon? megane? nudist? toothbrush? :mrgreen:
The story-telling is like Bakemonogatari, more gag-comedy. The story is more like telling about impostor. Fire sister is impostor facing Kaiki, Tsukihi is real demon exterminated by Yodzuru.
Chara, every chara in this anime is from Bakemonogatari + Kaiki, Yodzuru, Yotsugi. The dialogue between chara is more into ecchi stuff. And Shinobu, I don’t realy understand why she grow-up like that (see Araragi, and OK).

Sound departement, good. Just like Bakemonogatari Op. sung by Seiyuu of main chara of each arc except Ep.1,3 (special for Hitagi fans). And Ending from ClariS, composed by Ryo Supercell.
Nisemogatari have many thing to explain, why Hanekawa cut her hair off, why Hitagi being bullied and cut her hair too? why Shinobu have an adult clothes after sucking Araragi blood? why only 11 Ep. just wait and the other fans you will know 😀 Anyway my fav. chara from this anime is Senjougahara Hitagi.


A horror anime, why I interest in this anime? main reason is artwork. The story itself is just like final destination. About classroom that being curse by the dead one. So every year one of student in that class have a role to be the nonexistent. The Story is based on the novel, personally I prefer the manga.

How about sound department? Into the story. “boom” effect, creepy backsound are the one who make this anime perfect to be horor anime. Not only backsound Op. by horror specialist ALI Project (with spoiler containt) and Ending Song Annabel is right choice to start and end this kind of anime genre.
Design is good, P.A Works Studio have done a good thing here. But there is bad point; conversation, emotion is quite awkward. and the ending of this anime is too flat, after fast paced storyline end with rush ending.
After all, to me it’s a good anime with unpredictable line. Do you want a light guro anime? I recommend you to watch this anime. Fav. chara from this anime? Akazawa Izumi

Ano Natsu de Matteru

“I’ll be waiting on that summer” or “Waiting on that summer”. Many people say that this anime is sequel of Onegai Sensei, but unfortunately I didn’t watch that. Ano Natsu story plot is about romance between alien with human. Love each other but cannot confess. Kind of bored, but the story telling is save this anime. “Making movie about me (Takatsuki Ichika)? this wil be interesting” I thought.
I always love about A-B-C love chart. Chara development is great. Emotion, somehow feel like Toradora, about each chara feeling, and the confession in the end is great. Artwork and chara design is good. not into cute but just like that. light comedy is help too.

Backsound of this anime is good into the mood, can describe the guilty of chara well. Op. done by Ray (I don’t really know about her, but she is good). Ending Song by Yanagi Nagi, Honestly the first thing make me decided to watch this anime is Nagi, I love her voice.
Ano Natsu is anime which make us to feel nostalgic, about Onegai Sensei (for me it’s Toradora) or how we spent our high school life. I don’t know but the scenery really make me nostalgic. My favorite chara is Kitahara Mio.

Guilty Crown

People guilty, chara guilty, me guilty. remember the title of this anime is Guilty Crown. many people dropping it because of annoying protagonist, this and that. I almost drop this anime when it came to winter, but I choose to continue to enjoy this anime.
The story is about virus “Lost Christmas”, GHQ want to stop that virus, and a group with Ability of King against the government. confuse? It’s not just like that, Guilty Crown is about love, blind love. Shu to Inori, Gai to Inori. forget about the virus and the spreading.
Art is great, design by redjuice (supercell). I think everybody is fall to the art from the preview.
Music is from supercell work. nothing can complain. Backsound can build mood into the story, some like annoying.
It’s not like I didn’t enjoy Guity Crown, I dare to feel guilty from the start! And I don’t where is the start of hating this anime start, but Death Note have some problems with the plot but people like it. Anyway Tsugumi is my fav. chara, she is the only one who has same thought with me.

Black★Rock Shooter

Have you watch the OVA? not satisfied? The anime ver. might help you a little. There is additional chara on anime ver. but doesn’t change the entire plot. The story about alternate world, fill by paintful emotion. Althought it has well explanation, but I still felt something wrong.
The Chara, both in real and alternate world descibe like insane. I don’t know if that is overdo. Melodrama? it seems to be forced drama. The storytelling did not excute right.
Sound and Art, Supercell related nothing to complain. Op. song by Hatsune Miku (different voice ver.) ED. Song by Supercell. Not like in Guilty Crown, I like Koeda Voice here.
Overall, I’d like to say Black Rock Shooter has good plot, but wrong execute. My favorite chara is … I don’t even know, everybody is just insane to me. but if I have to choose it’s Izuriha Kagari.

Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai!
Slice of Life anime about “I want to be a father”. Segawa Yuuta, a college student adopt taking care of his 3 nieces. Plotting on Segawa Yuuta on his college life, working, and baby sitting his nieces. It must be tough, but being a father of 3 cute niece is worth enough.
Storyline is realistic enough, not to mention the cuteness of Hina and financial problem but you know that will be nice 😀 . From the first, I thought Papa Kiki will be a heart-warming anime with romance and comedy. but it still have a point here.
Chara design is the greatest of this anime. 3 niece with 3 different personality, from different mother? OK. you know how many people turn into lolicon this winter because of Hina? :mrgreen:
The music department has a good concept but just average. OP. song by Eri Kitamura, fit into the storyline can built the mood. ED. by Yui Horie. here the problem Oda Raika and voice in the is different but the song is good.
Ok. We learn something of this anime, financial problem doesn’t the biggest problem of family. and my fav. chara is Takanashi Sora, you know Suzumiya Haruhi behind her, like her or death!

Kill Me Baby

Why I watch this? I don’t know.
Kill Me Baby is the touching story of Yasuna, a normal (?) high school girl, and Sonya, her best friend who happens to be an assassin. Unfortunately, little Sonya’s trained assassin instincts often work against her and others in her daily high school life, as Yasuna’s often-broken wrist can attest to. She just wanted a hug, but she ended up with a broken neck. Isn’t it sad? No, it’s hilarious. Not even Yasuna’s intense ninja training can prepare her for the exciting adventures in this explosive 4-panel manga adaptation. – MAL
The only thing which is win is chara voice, it always interesting to hear Yasuna said “ah, ah”, or Unused Chara.
Just like another 4-panel manga, KMB full of gags comedy. not like Nichijou, KMB is quite flat but still entertain.
Not bad, not good. but I enjoyed watching this anime. Fav. chara is Oribe Yasuna.

So this is my Anime Winter 2012. very colorful, horror, romance, comedy, gag comedy. Time to pick another anime from another season.


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