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For the Legendary: Miku Expo Jakarta 2014

Everything is started with a passion, numerous people vote for Indonesia in mikubook. and then like a kid looking for attention, Crypton finally notice us. Some people think that Crypton chose Indonesia (Jakarta) for the first Town just by voting result. well, I don’t really now. But I think Crypton is not that silly, they must had done a little survey. Still, I don’t know what kind of survey they did. before Mikuexpo, I thought Vocaloid serious fans who willing to spend amount of money just around a thousand by looking at fanpage, online forum, and the number of active member. and with that few people, we could not fill 1/3 tennis Indoor Senayan. so when they announced Mikuepo with a price which is a little bit higher than AFAID 2013, I doubt we could fulfill their expectation.

As I thought, too many negative comment spreading in MikuExpo facebook page. I was one of them, not about the price but about MAGE who is in charge for the concert. FYI, MAGE is running MIKUPA which have same song list for years, not to mention their models has not much improved since the fist concert. then I think, I am not super updated about newest Vocaloid song. so It’s better if their song list is the one I know. Instead make a big show, they separate it in 3 show, technical reason: if they had to brought bigger screen and projetor, ticket price will be rocketing . Like I said before, the negative comment not just about the price. People started to persuade others to watch MikuExpo over youtube. some people even bragging about buying a top class headphone than buying ticket. At that moment, mikuexpo staff desperately updated their FAQ,

Mungkinkah menjadi konser pertama sekaligus terakhir?

And than some people started to counter that shitty comment. people who feel ashamed, angry, disappointed defending our country (which is the choosen one). the trend had been changed. youtube commenter was threated as the bad guy.

It’s not change the fact that ticket price is still pricey for most of fans. Platinum IDR 1.390K, Gold IDR 1.000K, Silver IDR 700K, Bronze 390K. One more that I didnot know about Vocaloid fans before MikuExpo is most of fans is student/college student who still rely on parent and did not have decent income. even they save enough to buy ticket, parent approval is needed. I am not saying the concert is overpriced. Its reasonable, for Miku concert they must bought many of their own equipment, they held it in JCC, not like ordinary concert they have more staff.

After a month since ticket sales period, there were ticket available on in all 3 shows. Even after knowing the fact above, I was shocked. I mean looking at floorplan , there will be less than 2400 gold and platinum ticket on sales for gold and platinum. In this situation, mikuexpo was collaborating with 7-Eleven to sell tickets. At this time they sold it in half price for silver and bronze.

Buy 1 Silver ticket + 1 “Rice Bowl & Mini GULP” for only 800.000rp and get 1 free Silver Ticket!!,
Buy 1 Bronze ticket + 1 “Rice Bowl & Mini GULP” for only 500.000rp and get 1 free Bronze Ticket!!

I do not know how that can boost ticket sales, but even before concert (28/5) start there were still ticket available.

Looking at MikuExpo facebook page, not all fans is too budgeting misery. many of them still willing to come to exhibition, spending much money for official goods. I am sure what they spend for goods might be equal to at least silver ticket. well, thanks to Jakarta, the highest GDP city in Indonesia.

In my perspective. Ticket price it normal if you compare it to AFA 2013 (singapore). I work in Kepulauan Riau, it means tickets (I must bought 2 ticket for friend escorting service) + flight + hotel. My expense for J-stuff is not just around AFA event, add plastic Figure (thanks God for so many delay in March and April payment period). What make me want to buy Gold ticket is first time I want to experience the same feeling as fans in Japan, I want to participate in such Vocaloid movement. I had spent more in one night than platinum ticket in the past, so why not this time? This was the consequence for voting in mikubook. I am aware that not many people has a fine financial state, just don’t brag about it everywhere.

Ok then. the time had come. I flew from TNJ to CKG at 28 May. Been in hotel around 13.00 GMT +7. done some work related until 15.00, and took a cab in lihgt speed and arrive in JCC around 16.00. All I saw was a huge queue, separated in two, ticket holder and regular. When I redeem my ticket, people already got in. I bought show 3 concert in 29/5 to anticipate goods hunter, you know they sold licence goods in relatively cheap price. And damn, Snow Miku Nendoroid soldout just when I started lining up (after 10 minutes since opening), and Snow Miku Figma soldout when I almost got it (2 hour after opening).While queueing, I noticed that so many companion/parent here (wow, young people in this kind of hobby and supported by parent, you are so lucky). I got some information people starting to queue from 12.00, even the venue open at 16.00. Serve me right for late. The exhibition area is too small, I already warn them goods merchandise booth need a larger queue area. after I got every item that I can bought, I going to hotel (worn out).

Day 2, knowing that ticket holder got priority entry in first day like a tollway. I came at 11.00. again damn, the queue was already super ultra long, surrounding the building. When I got in, the queque for goods merchandise booth was more organized than the first day. not too long till I reach the front and they announced that glow stick was soldout, and not restocked. I was like ‘what? show 2 is not even started yet’. On contrary of what happened in that pass two month, I really surprised it could be that crowded. You cannot underestimate Indonesia people. We are so last minute people. After done some photo shooting and touring, I going out for late lunch and visit JakCloth.

People already started lining up to concert hall entry when I was back at 17.00. As Gold ticket holder I could hunt cosplayer photo and rest for a while. When I got in, concert hall is not so big, and I did not notice something special about stage design (I was not whining at that time, it was overcame by excitement). My seat is right wing 4th row. in my right is a kid (8 grader maybe) with parent.

19.30 concert started, I do not really count how many song they played. But it’s not so different from MIKUPA Series, song list. I will review the song that really gave impact to me even after a week.

  1. Senbonzakura.
    I love this song, so when they play it as opening. I sang it loud, jump and shout like crazy. WAN, TSU, SAN, SHI!!! I already wornout from the first song
  2. Kocchi Muite Baby.
    I lost my breath from shouting. they really boosting from the start
  3. Marginal.
    Taking breath a while
  4. Koi Iro Byoutou,
    Start shouting again!!
  5. Colorful x Melody.
    Duet with Miku! Dancing again!! AKA, AO, SHIRO!!!
  6. Fire◎Flower.
    even I don’t really know this song, MIKUPA helps me to sing it. A O Yei yei ye!!!
  7. Migikata no Chou.
    I gave up to the music. It’s really temping to dance (I don’t even need alchohol)
  8. Melancholic.
    Finally this song, Sang it Loud!!
  9. Kokoro.
    Becaming Rin backing vocal. ARIGATOU! ARIGATOU! ARIGATOU! ARIGATOU!
  10. Torinoko City.
    Although I know this song well, I can sing it, just not kind of song you sang it together. Still, when Miku raising her hand. Me start dancing
  11. Musunde Hiraite Rasetsu to Mukuro.
  12. Romeo and Cinderella.
    Sang it load from the start!! Shout it! I love this song!
  13. Piano x Forte x Scandal.
    I dont know to react to this song without my bass, just enjoy this jazzy song and dancing randomly
  14. I do not know Kaito song, just dancing
  15. PoPiPo.
    Dancing Like Miku, and shouting. SOIYA SOIYA DOSSE DOSSE
  16. Shiroi Yuki no Princess wa.
    I enjoyed this song, but I need to taking a breath. I just shouting
  17. Venus di Ujung Jari.
    After Greeting with Bahasa Indonesia, Venus di Ujung Jari! One of the most famous song! (to be honest I know it rikurikuri ver.) sang it and waving hand
  18. Double lariat.
  19. Luka Luka Night Fever.
    I am waiting for this song. Luka luka night fever! Let dance folk!
  20. Himitsu Keisatsu.
    AARGH. I had lost my voice. keep shouting! ASA KARA BAN MADE OMAE O MIRU!!
  21. Yellow.
    SANG IT LOUD!! (like AFA2013SING). from the start till the end! Step&Clap baby!
  22. Hatsune Miku no Gekishou.
    That time was the time when I just looking at Miku, stunned. sing some part only
  23. Melt.
    Vocaloid international anthem! I gave all my last remaining breath to sing it. as loud as I could.
  24. Tell Your World.
    After taking a break, healing myself. I sang it looud, the song that make my heart warm, my eyes glittering last year.
  25. Miku Miku ni Shite Ageru,
    This is the final dance! dance, sing, and shout like crazy! all out
  26. Letter Song,
    waving hand

The audience. On right wing. people around here was quite and calm, they didn’t shout or sing. just a few people jump together with me. Well, I don’t really care about them. people have different to enjoy their one million. I just disappointed that they not making mood up. For me, this kind of concert it for share same feeling and blend it while singing together. that’s what make live concert different from watch it in DVD (or worse: on youtube).

Overall, I enjoy every last second of the concert. All my body wornout, feel itchy for next two day. I even cannot raise my hand straight. me sound like darth vader. This how a good concert should end.

Well, I’m hoping there will be next vocaloid concert. not with MAGE of couse, watching same live show won’t be same.

this post might be edited in the future.


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